Happy Birthday, Revered Swamiji.

The 30th of November, each year is a reminder to be in gratitude. Swamiji’s birthday was celebrated gracefully amid great excitement on November 30, 2019. It was also his 40th. Each year, devotees celebrate this day to express their feelings of love, affection, and gratitude towards their living guru. Local villagers and devotees from across the world congregated to be part of this joyous occasion.

The celebrations were simple yet lively and very much in his signature style. Swami was greeted with loud cheers and almost unending applause. To be led into singing the Sri Hari’s Aarti by Swami especially on this day, was a sheer moment of grace and it left everyone with an inexplicable magical feeling.

Regular visitors to the ashram are aware of Swamiji’s encouragement of talent. That evening talented devotees vied with each other to present Swami with the best of their musical renditions. Music set the mood for the evening celebration. The highlight of the evening was hearing Swamiji sing hymns. It seemed to everyone that he was serenading Lord Sri Hari who appeared visibly enthralled. When prompted by him to join in the chorus, devotees sang with fervor and many falling into a blissful trance.

“The temple gave a sneak peek into what Vaikuntha could be like,” remarked an elderly devotee.

It is almost a decade since Swamiji renounced the world and adopted monkhood. His magnanimous journey cannot be woven into simple words. The transformation in many lives he has touched is a testimony of him upholding the tenets of truth and compassion.

On the occasion of his birthday, what kind of a gift can make an appropriate offering? asked a gentleman to his friend. “After having met or rather found by Swamiji four years ago, I think, ‘The question you should be asking today is not about a befitting gift. A reflection into the purpose of our lives. There will be no better gift than this for him. As he is well known to say” Discover your own truth,” quoted an ardent devotee from Swami’s blog.

Why the celebrations one may wonder? and we are reminded by Swami himself :

“When your existence benefits others, even one person, you have a reason to celebrate. Whatever be the occasion, my preferred method of celebration is to be of some help, some use to those who need it.”