Known as the Elementary English Programme, the SBA EYSMS team extended its English online classes to the ashram staff. One month into the study programme, Guru Poornima 2022 proved a unique opportunity for two of its program coordinators and the students to get to know each other.

On 14th July, a contact session was organised at the ashram. The hour-long session involved a recap of the concepts learned in the class, supported by in-class activities and worksheets. The classroom turned into a fun zone as the teachers and students played various icebreakers that allowed the participants to know each other beyond the boundaries of the classroom. Amidst the cheerful atmosphere, students and teachers shared anecdotes from their lives. Unknown facets of their personalities—bikers, cricketers, and artists— were revealed during the session.


The session aimed to create a friendly, collaborative atmosphere. We hope that students will carry the enthusiasm of the contact session into the classroom.