The Ashram has a space for everyone – solitude seekers and conversation enthusiasts, bookworms, contemplative hearts and questioning minds. The volunteers led by Divya Manoharan and staff, have been hard at work the past few months, bringing to life these aesthetic and communal spaces.

The Slope

One of the first features visible as one enters the Ashram, the slope next to the coffee shop has been transformed into a beautiful gradient, filled with flowering creepers and succulents. Bold lettering in white stone reads, “WE SRI BADRIKA ASHRAM”. It seemed like the perfect spot to translate everyone’s sentiment into a 3D form!

Cowork at the Ashram

Our devotees often travel to the Ashram with laptops and imminent work deadlines. On the side of the dormitory, is a cosy eight-seater workstation, ideal for anyone looking to work in a quiet space. It is a silent zone where one can answer emails or simply read a book in peace. Swings in place of an ordinary bench, invite you to rock your stress away! And the area in front of the male dormitory is now a sunny lawn with hydrangea saplings all around.

The Garden

The ‘G’ in G Block stands for Garden. After a long wait, the space between the L and G blocks now houses a gorgeous little garden replete with a lawn, creepers, brick seating and a make-believe pond made of white stones and succulents. A walking track forms a boundary on all sides, perfect for those looking to stick to their exercise routine while travelling. If joggers or slow walkers get in your way, simply use the wooden bridge in the centre to get to the other side and continue your run!

The Last Gambit

Ever wondered how Vasu may have fared in a Harry Potter-like chess game where the chess pieces come to life? Well, wonder no more.

The Last Gambit is a life-size chess board located on the other side of the Garden. Complete with a two-foot-tall King and grass squares in place of white, this chess set is an ode to the outdoors. One can even gather enough people, move the chess pieces out of the way, and take their places instead!

November 19th saw Swamiji, on his stroll through the Ashram, stop by to play a spontaneous game of chess with Brahmachari Prabhu Om. It was checkmate in under five minutes, and a joy to witness Swamiji’s quick thinking and effortless flair for the game.

Sri Badrika Ashram – Paradise unlimited!