The girls from ‘Kranti’, a well-known Mumbai based NGO, look forward to visiting Sri Badrika Ashram every January, which is like their home away from home.

Robin Chaurasiya, the dynamic founder of this organisation, was first invited to visit the Ashram in 2017. ‘Kranti’ rescues, empowers and rehabilitates children of sex workers aged 12- 22 and other exploited women from the city’s infamous red-light area – Kamathipura.

This year, the enthusiastic group couldn’t wait for their yearly trip – all the more because they had missed the previous year’s visit. The visit which is designed by the Ashram as a recreational one, is actually a fulfilment of our collective responsibility as a community. These young girls are being taught to live again and more importantly to trust again.

Warmly welcomed by the Ashram team, the visitors soon settled in and their few days here were subtly engaged with therapeutic activities, of which the morning meditation led by Sadhvi Vrinda Om, formed an indispensable part. The book reading in the library by Sushree Nishtha Om also proved invaluable.

The interactive group sessions were led by Ma Shamata Om and Ambika Om. It encouraged them to communicate and express their thoughts and feelings freely, offering them a safe, healing space to tide over their hidden concerns. The programme replete with role-plays, music and dance, helped them to reconnect with their inner source of joy and strength.

While it was obvious to expect emotional outburst of sorts, it was an unimaginable eye-opener for the Ashram residents to hear of their deeply traumatic anecdotes and life experiences, ranging from being beaten up horrifically, abused on multiple levels to frequent hospitalisations and a life led in constant fear.

The event ended on a transformative, positive note with heartfelt cheering, laughter and a distinct sense of sisterhood. The courageous mothers of the girls were also felicitated by the Ashram.

In Robin’s words,

“This is our third visit to Swamiji. He has brought so much hope, healing and happiness

to the girls’ lives over the past three years. 

There really is no way to express what his presence in our lives means to us”.