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Transformation Retreat for Teens and Youth

Transformation Retreat for Teens and Youth

Start Date : Sat, 24 Dec 2016
End Date : Tue, 27 Dec 2016

Location :

Bangalore, India
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Dec 24 - 27, 2016

Bangalore, India
 [A spiritual retreat center set in Devanahalli facing Nandi Hills, 32 kms from Bangalore city.]
Read here what youth/teens have to say about this retreat.
This retreat is booked out. Please do not transfer any money unless your spot is already confirmed. You can write to us to be on the waitlist.

As announced at the beginning of the year, there'll be only one youth retreat in 2016. I'm pleased to share that we've managed to find a cheaper venue that's basic but beautiful. While I hope the choice of venue will make it more affordable for more people, the place can not accommodate more than 75 attendees at all. Therefore, there may be none to very little observer [adults sitting in as observers] or parents spots available as my priority is to spend time with the children.

In the past one year, I personally interacted with more than 1000 young people. A few hundred at various retreats and camps and the rest in the ashram. Keeping their thoughts and challenges in mind, I've redesigned some of the content this year. As always, it's going to be fun-filled and inspirational learning so they may realize their goals and lead meaningful lives making our world a better place.

Teen years are probably the most important and most fragile in anyone's life. This is when our patterns are set and our habits are formed. While many people go through great transformation later on in their lives, the truth is, it is in teenage that we develop (or demolish) a sense of confidence and self-worth. Those who can find their feet while still in adolescence, find it lot easier to deal with the daunting challenges of life later on.

One thing I find incredible in my interactions with young people is their undying desire to succeed and do something great in their lives. The mindset is there, what's missing then? What makes someone successful? In this retreat, as in the previous ones, my primary focus will be to help them understand the parameters of success in any endeavor. In particular, I'll walk them through the five key elements of success.

1. How to manage time

You can get anything done if you know how to manage your time. Attendees will be introduced to the concept of mindfulness so they may differentiate between "urgent" and "important". Plus, I'll be teaching them two powerful techniques of time management. Namely, The Pomodoro technique and Keep The Chain method. These are simple but extremely effective techniques to study, work, practice better.

2. How to manage emotions

Young or old, everyone's life revolves around their emotions. Our emotions can make us feel good at times and terrible other times. It's when we don't feel together that most of us do things we regret later on. The one who is aware of his/her emotions and learns the art of managing their emotions, can gracefully tackle any situation in life, no matter how adverse or challenging. The students will be exposed to two simple methods of managing emotions.

3. How to handle distractions

We have more distractions today than we ever did in the history of mankind. Facebook, Whatsapp, instant messaging, phones, social conversations, video games and all, there's just too much going on. These are not bad and it's even okay to indulge sometimes but not when you want to study, for example. Overcoming distractions, in my view, is the greatest challenge for any young adult. Sometimes, aligning your external environment helps you handle distractions more effectively than battling with yourself or feeling guilty for procrastinating.

4. How to work under pressure

One thing that never really goes away in life is pressure. Whether that's pressure from parents, peers, bosses, siblings, society or whoever, if you can learn to handle stress and work effectively under pressure, you can pretty much accomplish anything you so wish. It is possible to systematically expose ourselves to greater pressure in an organized manner so we are better prepared to handle even greater and unexpected pressure in real life. It's one of my personal techniques I've used for years. I'll be sharing it with the children.

5. How to meditate

Finally, and perhaps the most important one in many regards is learning how to meditate so you harness stray thoughts and better channelize your energies. Devoting only 10 minutes everyday to quality meditation can work wonders for anyone. It helps you remain calm, more aware and alert. It's never too early to start meditation. In this retreat, young adults will learn how to meditate and build the routine of meditation in their everyday lives.


1. No 75 spots left. On a first come, first served basis. 

2. 3 nights, 4 days. Arrive on the 24th Dec (lunch will be served on arrival) and depart on the 27th (light refreshments will be served on departure).

3. The venue is a simple but beautiful place designed for yoga and spiritual retreats.

4. You are responsible for your to-and-fro travel to the venue. You can do travel tie-ups with other attendees for convenience and cost savings.(The list of attendees will be provided to all the registrants by the first week of November.)

5. You will need to wear comfortable white uppers throughout the retreat. For example, you can wear a white shirt or a T-shirt. For lowers you can wear jeans and track pants.

6. The first forty registrants will be allotted accommodation on a twin-share basis. The remaining may have to go for triple sharing depending on the number of registrants.

7. You must be minimum 13 years old to a maximum of 22.

8. Parents will not be allowed to stay with the children.

9. Please note that this retreat is exclusively for teens and youth and parents won't be allowed to participate in the discourses, Q&A and other group activities. Only those parents/volunteers approved as observers will be allowed to sit in for the discourses and Q&A.

10. All discourses, Q&A and other interactive sessions will be in English only.

Send an email on retreat.omswami@gmail.com to be on the waitlist.
 We'll hold it for 4 days within which you must make the payment as per the instructions below. Or, you can just pay now and reserve your spot.

₹ 8,900 (US$ 149)

All meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner and a tea-break).
The first forty registrants will be on twin-share basis and subsequent registrants may be put in triple sharing depending on the number of registration requests.

Last Date of Registration

31st A890ugust, 2016 or 75 registrations (whichever is earlier). Full.



Once you've made the deposit to reserve your spot, send an email on retreat.omswami@gmail.com with the following information:

Your details:
1. Your full name.
2. Your relationship with the child. (Father/Mother/Self/Guardian etc.)
3. Your contact number
4. City, state and country of residence.

Your child/participant's details: (for each child you are enrolling)
1. Attendee's (Your child's) full name.
2. Gender.
3. Date of Birth
4. Is he/she fluent in English? (All discourses will be in English only)

Other information:
1. Any comments or special requests (like food allergies etc.)
2. Deposit reference/confirmation number (if any.)
We'll confirm your spot as soon as we receive the payments.


1. You are responsible to ensure pick up and drop off of your child/children from the venue. Having said that, as mentioned earlier, we'll share the list of all the attendees in the first week of November so you may pool with other parents/attendees.

2. If you are really keen in attending the retreat but can't pay due to any financial difficulties or other issues, drop us a note on retreat.omswami@gmail.com outlining your circumstances and we'll let you know if we can do anything for you.

3. This is a very basic place with basic amenities and food. It can only accommodate a small group. Bigger venues with better facilities are far more expensive.


If we don't get a minimum of 65 participants, we may cancel the retreat altogether. Your money will be refunded in full in that case.
If you cancel on your own by Sep 15, 2016 and someone else is willing to take your spot, you'll be given full refund.
If, however, there are no takers for your spot, we won't be able to issue any refund.
At any rate, absolutely no refunds will be issued for any cancellations after Sep 30, 2016.
In case of any questions, email us on retreat.omswami@gmail.com.



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