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Annual Celebrations. Mar 28 – Apr 5. Beyond Full.

Annual Celebrations. Mar 28 – Apr 5. Beyond Full.

Start Date : Mon, 28 Mar 2016
End Date : Tue, 05 Apr 2016

Location :

  • This event has passed.

This event is booked out way beyond capacity. If you wish to visit, please find another event in the schedule. Please note that there are no events prior to Mar 28 and Om Swami will not be available to meet. This is the first ashram event of 2016. Every year, we celebrate the consecration ceremony of Bhagwan Sri Hari at the temple.  This year, there'll be a seven-day Ram Katha from Mar 29 - Apr 4 in Hindi. The celebrations will conclude on the 4th April. Please note that the discourses and sermons in this event are going to be in Hindi. An outside orator will be narrating the glories of Lord Rama. In addition, Om Swami will be giving a discourse every evening. Om Swami will be at the ashram from Mar 28 - Apr 5. You are welcome to visit the ashram during this time. You are required to make a donation of Rs. 450 per person for each day of your stay. This donation covers the cost of three meals, evening tea, and bedding. This daily charge is to merely cover our own costs. If you would like to donate anything additional to contribute in the ashram cause, you can do so. It'll be greatly appreciated. Please note that the ashram has very basic infrastructure, so individual accommodation is not possible. You'll be sharing room with many other devotees. You are welcome to bring your own tent and/or sleeping bag if you like. Please make a deposit in the following bank account and drop us a note thereafter to block your accommodation. At any time we don't allow more than 120 devotees roughly, and that too is a stretch at this stage.


For Offline Payment

Bank Name State Bank of Patiala
Account Name Sri Badrika Ashram Cum Charitable & Social Welfare Society
Account Number 6510 0807 552
IFS Code STBP0000012
Branch Address The Mall Road, Patiala - 147001
After you have deposited the money, please send us an email on contact.omswami@gmail.com with the following information:
1. Your full name.
2. How many people in total. (Please give names and gender of each).
3. Your contact number and full address.
4. Amount deposited.
5. Donation? (In case, you have donated any amount other than the cost of your stay then please do mention it in your email.)
6. Deposit confirmation/reference number (if any).
7. Any comments or notes.
8. Your date of arrival at the ashram. (You can arrive a day early at the most.)
9. Your date of departure from the ashram (You must depart by Jan 2 at the latest).

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