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Antarangam – The Journey Within

Start Date : Sat, 20 Apr 2024
End Date : Tue, 01 Oct 2024

Location :

Sri Badrika Ashram

If there’s one thing everyone must gift themselves in their lives, in my humble opinion, it is a stint of Himalayan solitude. It is transformational – Om Swami

In sadhana, kshetra refers to the field or the body where the practice takes place. It is crucial because the purity and sanctity of the kshetra greatly impact the sadhana's effectiveness.

Offer yourself the gift of self-retreat at the stunningly beautiful Sri Badrika Ashram, a sadhana-kshetra infused, sanctified and pulsating with spiritual resonance.

Immerse effortlessly in deep solitary reflection, meditation, mantra- chanting and sadhana under the benevolent gaze of Sri Hari in the embracing silence of the ashram temple and its grounds.

Come, begin the magnificent journey towards deep personal transformation!

You may book from Friday, April 19th to Monday, Sept 30th, 2024

Please note that Swamiji is not in the ashram on these days

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Accommodation & Stay

You are required to make a donation of Rs 1800 per person per night. This donation covers the cost of basic accommodation ( single occupancy sadhak room subject to availability) and all the meals.

On arrival, if you choose any other room to stay in, the balance payment can be made at the front office.

If you would like to donate anything in addition or would like to contribute to Ashram’s projects, you can do so. It will be greatly appreciated

Daily Schedule:

6.00 AM – Vishnu Sahasranama

7.00 AM – Aarti

4.30 PM – Lalitha Sahasranama

7.00 PM - Aarti

Witness the abhishekams on every Poornima, Amavasya and Ekasdashi every month in the ashram temple.

Other Activities:

You can participate in various seva and Ashram activities. You can also enjoy your time reading books in the library, with the scenic mountains and river valley as a backdrop.

Please book your spot using the Book Now button. Please note that all bookings are non-refundable.

Important: There will be no check-in at the front office of the ashram post 8 PM on any day. Please book at Solan or Rajgarh if your arrival is beyond 8 PM.

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