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Gayatri Sadhana Camp – Hindi : Nov 24 – 28. Full.

Gayatri Sadhana Camp – Hindi : Nov 24 – 28. Full.

Start Date : Fri, 24 Nov 2017
End Date : Tue, 28 Nov 2017

Location :

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No spots left.

Gayatari mantra is considered the mother of all Vedic mantras, for Gayatri -- also known as Savitri, is called Vedmata (The mother of Vedas). Of the many types of gayatri mantras, the most popular is Savitur Gayatri - the mantra of Mother Divine. 


The sages of yore used Gayatri mantra to awaken their latent energy and to reach the deepest recess of their minds, to experience the vast expansiveness of consciousness. Chanting and understanding of Gayatri mantra is the basis of sanatana dharma, in fact. Personally, I've benefitted from this mantra immensely in my own life too.


In this my first ever camp on Gayatri mantra, I invite you to chant the mantra with me, understand what you need to do in your daily life to imbibe the wisdom and insights that come from correct chanting of Gayatri. And most importantly, how to do the rites of invocation (puruscharana) to actually benefit from this mantra. 


There are 150 spots on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
Rs. 5,900 per person (includes meals, bedding and accommodation).


Please note some very important points before you register for this camp:


    1. The path of mantra sadhana is never a substitute for hard work or good decisions. So, I strongly denounce any blind faith or superstition. Chanting the gayatri mantra does not mean that you can sit at home overlooking sincerity and hardwork and expect results, for example. What mantra sadhana does is it puts you in touch with yourself, it helps you align yourself with Nature or energies around you so that you are in a greater state of harmony. This helps you to reach your goal(s) in a more effective manner.


    1. This camp is not a camp of initiation. I'm extremely selective about who I initiate. So, I won't be initiating you into the mantra of gayatri. What I will do though is to share with you how to allow the guru inside you to initiate you so that you are not dependent on me or anyone else for this mantra or any other.


    2. In October 2017, my book on mantra science will be coming out. It would cover most of what I'll do in this camp. So, in case you can't find the time or resources to attend this camp, you can read that book instead. 


    3. The price of this camp is bit more than the meditation camp because you will receive a free copy of my book on mantra science at the camp. It's mandatory reading if you want to truly understand and practice mantra sadhana.


    4. Chanting gayatri mantra is not simply meditating on a certain sound (for that you have meditation). Mantra sadhana requires faith and devotion in God. If you don't believe that God exists or can have a form, this camp is not for you. With such mindset, you'll gain more from practicing meditation instead. Mantra sadhana is futile without bhakti (devotion) and shradha (reverence).


    5. Absolutely no refunds will be issued whatsoever. You will be issued an 80-G tax deductible receipt. So please think through before paying for this camp because neither the amount paid will be adjusted towards any other event nor any refund will be issued. Any amount you pay for this camp, in case you can't make it, will be used towards some social cause at the discretion of the ashram.


    6. Children below the age of 12 are not allowed to participate in this camp.


    7. This is a camp and not a retreat (please don't expect any comforts as we have very basic accommodation in the ashram).


    8. All discourses will be in Hindi only.


All glories to Mother Divine.



Refund Policy

Strictly no refunds are allowed at all. Please think over before you register. Payments made for this camp can not be adjusted towards any other camp or ashram event. In case you cancel your spot or can't make it, your 5,900 rupees will be used for some social cause as deemed fit by the Sri Badrika Ashram Trust.



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