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Giri Tarana

Start Date : Mon, 15 Aug 2022
End Date : Fri, 19 Aug 2022

Location :

Sri Badrika Ashram

In the hands of an expert, the instrument seems to come alive; so much so, it becomes hard to
know who to appreciate more, the instrument or the player.
~ Om Swami

Let us offer a musical obeisance to the celestial flautist, Murli Manohar Shyam, on His birthday this Janamashtami!

Sri Badrika ashram is happy to invite all musically inclined devotees and performers to offer a devotional svarAnjali to Sri Hari. A beautiful platform not only to learn but also to mingle with other like-minded music enthusiasts.

The 5 day musical retreat will be led by the eminent flautist Nitin Amin ji, https://nitinamin.com/ who will be sharing his vast knowledge and pedagogical experience with us in the sessions. Nitin ji will be speaking on the different aspects of music such as laya, taal, swara, raaga and bandish followed by performances on the last day.

Over the past three decades, Nitin Amin ji has been teaching music through the medium of his flute to hundreds of Indian and foreign music enthusiasts. His students range from software engineers to executives, lawyers to doctors, across age groups from 20 to 80!

Besides being an excellent Bansuri player, Nitin Amin ji is also an experienced educator of Hindustani classical music. A Master’s in music, he is instrumental in organising an extensive series of lectures and workshops in India and abroad and is the founder of the web portal Ragasphere.

If you are learning music or want to take your passion for vocal or instrumental music to the next level, these five days present a golden opportunity to be guided by Nitin Amin ji through your quest

There are no fees for participating, but participants will need to pay for their food and lodging at the ashram.

You are required to make a donation of Rs 1150 per person for each day of your stay. The donation covers the cost of three meals, evening tea, and room accommodation on a twin- sharing basis. The payment once done is non-refundable.

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  • Day 1 - 15th August - Swara
  • Day 2 - 16th August - Laya and Taala
  • Day 3 - 17th August - Raaga
  • Day 4 - 18th August - Bandish or Composition
  • Day 5 - 19th August - Presentation, Performances

There will be three sessions in a day. Timings will be communicated upon arrival.

Come, merge your bhaava with the mellifluous notes of Krishna’s flute. Adore Him with your Laya and match your taala with His!

Until such time that you are able to be one with the music inside you,
learn to listen and enjoy — not just hear — the music outside.
~ Om Swami


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