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Joyful Living: The Power of Prayer And Faith

Start Date : Mon, 27 Sep 2021
End Date : Thu, 30 Sep 2021

Location :

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These have been testing times for all of us. Life seems a little crazy, even out of control, and nothing is as we knew it. At such times, our children look to the only people they know who can bring comfort and normalcy – adults they trust. Whether you are a mom, dad, nana, dada or an aunt, it doesn’t matter: our children are watching and listening. 

It is essential, at such times, to show children how they can take their scared self to God through prayer, faith, meditation, reading His stories and, most of all, by placing their trust in Him.

With this in mind, Team Zenrich has designed its next series on the only constants in our lives:

Prayer, Faith and God

Sadhvi Vrinda Om and Sushree Nishtha Om have put together the following sessions, which will equip our children with tools to be strong and resilient.

A brief glimpse:
Session 1 – A prayerful life

  • Why is prayer necessary?
  • What is God?
  • The essence of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Session 2 – Our powerful ally: Faith

  • What is faith? 
  • Why do we need it? 
  • How do we inculcate it in our daily lives?

Session 3 – Mind-body connect – Let’s unravel its mysteries together!

  • The mind-body connection and its linkage to optimum well-being.

Session 4 – Getting in touch with our own Mind and Body – Practical tips

  • Breathwork and Visualisation.

Session 5 – Power of meditation

  • Why do we need to meditate?
  • The long-term effects of meditation on the brain. 
  • Benefits to students. 

Workshop Highlights:

  1. Zenrich will conduct 5 interactive online zoom sessions every Sunday, led by our facilitators.
  2. The 6th session will be a workshop for parents.
  3. First session on July 11th, 2021 and last session on Aug 22nd, 2021.
  4. Each session will be for an hour and will include a Facilitator presentation followed by Q&A.
  5. Session timings: 10.30 AM – 11.30 AM IST.

Preferred Age Group: 10 -19 years

Cost: Rs 3500/- only per participant. Please note that entry is free for ‘The Rising Stars’.

Last Date for Registration: July 8th, 2021

The Workshop fee includes everything here:

  • 5 interactive, live, fun sessions
  • Weekly practice assignment when required
  • Weekly summary and video recording for you to revisit the workshop, which will be handy for those who are unable to join us live.


A 'Workshop for Parents' led by Sadhvi Vrinda Om.
Swamiji will join us for this session.

Refund Policy and Assistance

No refunds are allowed. Payments made for the workshop cannot be adjusted towards any other camps and events.

For any queries and help related to this enrolment, please contact Divya at +91 8056132864 between 9AM – 5PM IST.

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God is with us throughout this journey called Life. Let’s invite Him into our conversations, emotions and into our children’s lives.


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