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Nav Durga Sadhana – Namoh Durge!

Start Date : Mon, 08 Apr 2024
End Date : Fri, 19 Apr 2024

Location :

Sri Badrika Ashram
  • This event has passed.

ऊँ नमश्चण्डिकायै

नमो देवि महामाये सृष्टिसंहारकारिणि।

अनादिनिधने चण्डि भुक्ति मुक्तिप्रदे शिवे।।

Hail! O Goddess Mahamaya, the creator and destroyer of the universe.

You are without beginning or end, O Chandi! Bestower of worldly pleasures as well as liberation. O most auspicious Shiva! I offer you my obeisances!

Once more, the month of Chaitra brings Ma Durga’s divine fragrance!

As Mother Nature gracefully unfolds her enchantment, the sacred Sadhana- Sthal of Sri Badrika Ashram warmly welcomes Ma Durga’s children.

In its consecrated environs invoke the nine resplendent forms of Ma Durga and establish Her on the lotus of your hearts.

Dive deep into Divine Mother’s loving embrace during the auspicious nine nights and days of the spring Navratras and watch the divine alchemy of intense chanting and devotional yagyas transform your life.

Come, let’s play!

Join us at the ashram in celebrating Navdurga Sadhana.

Start the day -

  • - With an immersive yagna via the Sadhana App
  • - experience Her loving presence through guided visualisation and chakra meditation in the temple.
  • - absorb the stories that celebrate the greatness of Mother Divine, and
  • - end the day with Her abhishekam and chanting.

The first yagna will be on April 10th and the the Mahayagna on April 18th

(Please note that Swamiji is not in the ashram during these days)

Daily Schedule: (April 9th – April 18th)

5.15 AM – Yagna (beginning April 10th)

6 AM – Vishnu Sahasranama

7 AM – Aarti

7.20 AM – Visualisation of Mother Divine in the temple with Gunjan Sugandhi (20 minutes)

11.00 AM – Storytelling or Chakra Meditation in the library with Gunjan Sugandhi (30 minutes)

4.30 PM – Abhishekam of different manifestations of Mother Divine

7 PM- Aarti

8 PM – Evening japa at your convenience (beginning April 9th)

An abhishekam will be performed daily during these days. You can book here for this.

Gunjan Sugandhi is a part of the Vedic Sadhana Foundation (VSF) and is involved with facilitation of sessions on visualization and meditation, guiding participants in deepening their spiritual practices. Gunjan's goal is to foster a sense of belonging and provide a community to those exploring spirituality as an inner calling.

She is also a dedicated wellness coach and internationally certified yoga professional, focusing on corporate wellness initiatives and women's health and fitness, emphasizing moderation and holistic health.

Yajna Details:

  • - Every person who books a spot for the Navdurga Sadhana event will have the opportunity to perform the yajna in the ashram.
  • - You will receive step-by-step guidance through the Yajna process, allowing you to fully immerse in its divine experience.
  • - We will provide all the necessary Yajna arrangements and samagri at the ashram. You have to donate Rs 500 per day if you wish to participate physically in the yagna.
  • - You can bring a red Asana cover to sit on. While it is suggested to wear red upper clothing during the Yajna, it is not mandatory; any colour is perfectly acceptable.

Booking Details:

  • - Bookings are open! You can book your stay for the entire duration of the sadhana or part of it, as per your convenience.
  • - Children below 10 are not allowed to participate in the Yajna.

Book Now

Accommodation & Stay

You are required to make a donation of Rs 1800 per person per night. This donation covers the cost of basic accommodation ( single occupancy sadhak room subject to availability) and all the meals.

On arrival, if you choose any other room to stay in, the balance payment can be made at the front office.

If you would like to donate anything in addition or would like to contribute to Ashram’s projects, you can do so. It will be greatly appreciated.

Please book your spot using the Book Now button. Please note that all bookings are non-refundable.

Important: There will be no check-ins possible at the ashram post 8 PM. Please plan to stay in Solan or Rajgarh if your arrival is later than 8 PM on any day.

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