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Sri Suktam Sadhana

Start Date : Thu, 20 Oct 2022
End Date : Thu, 10 Nov 2022

Location :

Sri Badrika Ashram

Booking Closed

विश्वारणे नमस्तुभ्यं नमो विश्वविभूतये
सर्वसामपि सिद्धिनां नमस्ते मूलहेतवे ।।

आदिदेवात्मभूताये नारायणकुटुम्बिनि
समस्तजगदाराध्ये नमस्ते पद्मयोनये ।।

Salutations! O Source of the Universe! Adoration to Thee who abides in the universe as its glory. O primary cause of all (spiritual) ability (acquired through mantra sadhana), I salute Thee, who art identical with the primeval God and art Narayana's beloved spouse. O universally adored lotus-born Goddess! I prostrate myself before Thee.

Sri Badrika Ashram is extremely delighted to announce the Sri Suktam Sadhana event, a beautiful retreat spanning 16 nights. Starting on the auspicious night of Diwali, 24th October 2022, and concluding on the 16th night, 8th November 2022.*

Originating from Rigveda, Sri Suktam is the most powerful sadhana anyone can undertake. Led by Swamiji, the Sri Suktam sadhana is a Purushcharana to invoke the Divine Mother by worshipping Her for sixteen mystical nights.

This extremely potent sadhana tunes your energy with the cosmic energy around you and invites the grace of the Devi into your life. Come experience the magic!

Bookings are open!

You may book your stay at the ashram for the entire duration of the sadhana or even a few days.

Please note:

  • *Bookings are open from Thursday, October 20th to Thursday, November 10th. (The event however begins only on the 24th of October and ends on the night of November 8th.)
  • Children below the age of 10 will not be allowed during this event.
  • Double vaccination is mandatory. Please show the certificates on arrival at the ashram.
  • There will be a live telecast of this event.
  • There will be no meetings or discourses during this time.

Further details on the Sadhana will be provided post the third week of September 2022.

You are required to make a donation of Rs 1150 per person for each day of your stay. The donation covers the cost of three meals, evening tea, and dormitory accommodation. The payment once done is non-refundable. Upgradation to a room on a twin-sharing basis will only be possible on arrival.

If you would like to donate anything in addition or would like to contribute to Ashram’s projects, you can do so. It will be greatly appreciated.


In the first round of bookings, the numbers have been capped on a per day basis. Once this number has been reached a waiting list will be created automatically. 
You will receive a notification by the system stating that you are on the waiting list. As more seats get added, the front office will email or call you latest post Sept 25th to let you know the status of your request. 
Please book your journey once you have received a confirmation email from us. 


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