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Zen Meditation – Hindi : Mar 25 – 29. Full.

Zen Meditation – Hindi : Mar 25 – 29. Full.

Start Date : Sat, 25 Mar 2017
End Date : Wed, 29 Mar 2017

Location :

  • This event has passed.

Zen Meditation Camp - Hindi

Registration closed. Waitlist closed. This event is booked out.

Please note:

  1. All discourses at this camp will be in Hindi only.
  2. This is a camp and not a retreat. (The main difference is the quality of accommodation and other amenities).
  3. There will be no Zen tea ritual in this camp (this was a daily feature in the retreat).
  4. There'll be absolutely no retreats in 2017 anywhere.

I’m very pleased to announce a Zen meditation camp at the ashram. Away from the rigors of intense meditation, Zen is not just a style of meditation but a way of life. It focuses on realizing the emptiness of all thoughts and phenomena, allowing the practitioner to stay in a blissful state under most circumstances. Where Mahamudra (the theme of my earlier camps) is the path of intense meditation leading to gradual realization, Zen is the way to instant realization. Unlike most other systems of meditation that put acute focus on maintaining one-pointed concentration, Zen is about developing an all-pervading awareness free from judgments. It is about flowing in your natural state. Zen is a lot easier and an agreeable form of meditation.

In this meditation camp, you’ll be introduced to the following:

  1. The original Zen meditation of Shakyamuni (The Buddha).
  2. Two powerful Zen practices on the path.
  3. Zen way of life to rise above your negative emotions.
  4. Meditation on emptiness and impermanence.
  5. Cultivating silence of the mind with pristine awareness.

You are likely to gain more if you already practice meditation or if you have attended any of my previous retreats or camps.


  • Total cost is Rs. 5500. (Four nights/five days, all meals and bedding included.)
  • You can arrive a day early but you'll be required to depart by the 29th. We won't have accommodation for you beyond March 29th unless you are staying for the annual celebrations following the camp (you've to register separately for that event). If you are arriving a day early for the camp, you are required to pay Rs 490 for the extra day as per the ashram visiting guidelines. You can pay that upon arrival.
  • Only 160 spots on a first come, first served basis. NO more spots.
  • 4 nights, 5 days. Starting on Mar 25 afternoon and concluding on Mar 29 morning.
  • We encourage you to wear comfortable white top throughout the camp. You can bring a white shawl if you don't have white tops. Lower can be jeans, track pants or any other colored clothing.
  • Ideally, you should be able to sit on the floor during meditation. Chairs will be available for those who can't.
  • Three vegetarian food, free of onion and garlic, will be served (included in the price above.)
  • Children below the age of 12 are not allowed on this camp.
  • All discourses will be in Hindi only.

Please note that it's a camp and not a retreat. You'll be sharing accommodation with many other attendees in a dormitory. Please don't expect any comforts. There are no housekeeping or laundry services.

How To Register

You can click on the "Book Now" link and pay online. You can pay through NetBanking or any major credit and debit cards. As soon as your payment is confirmed, you'll be issued a donation receipt for the amount of Rs. 5,500. This is tax deductible under 80-G. 

You will receive an additional email from us with more information on the zen meditation camp in due course.

Please do not transfer any money through any medium. We won't be able to refund you or accommodate you.

Registration closed. Booked out.


Refund Policy

Strictly no refunds are allowed at all. Please think over before you register. Payments made for this camp can not be adjusted towards any other camp or ashram event. In case you cancel your spot or can't make it, your 5,500 rupees will be used for some social cause as deemed fit by the Sri Badrika Ashram Trust.



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