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Zen Meditation Retreat. Canada. May 13 – 16.

Zen Meditation Retreat. Canada. May 13 – 16.

Start Date : Fri, 13 May 2016
End Date : Mon, 16 May 2016

Location :

Ontario Canada
  • This event has passed.

This retreat is full. No more spots. Email us to be on the waitlist in case anyone drops out.

I’m very pleased to announce a Zen meditation retreat. Away from the rigors of intense meditation, Zen is not just a style of meditation but a way of life. It focuses on realizing the emptiness of all thoughts and phenomena, allowing the practitioner to stay in a blissful state under most circumstances.

Where Mahamudra (the theme of my earlier retreats) is the path of intense meditation leading to gradual realization, Zen is the way to instant realization. Unlike most other systems of meditation that put acute focus on maintaining one-pointed concentration, Zen is about developing an all-pervading awareness free from judgments. It is about flowing in your natural state. Zen is a lot easier and an agreeable form of meditation.

In this meditation retreat, you’ll be introduced to the following:

  1. The original Zen meditation of Shakyamuni (The Buddha).
  2. Two powerful Zen practices on the path.
  3. Zen way of life to rise above your negative emotions.
  4. Meditation on emptiness and impermanence.

You are likely to gain more if you already practice meditation or if you have attended any of my previous retreats. Please note that in 2016 there will be only two meditation retreats - one in Canada (this one) and one in India (tentatively scheduled for Dec 2016 in Bangalore. Details yet to be announced).


1. No 90 spots left. Registration closed. Waitlist open.
2. 3 nights, 4 days. Arrive on the 13th May and depart on the 16th (after 12pm).
3. The venue is a beautiful lakeside resort in Muskoka (two hours drive from Toronto).
4. You are responsible for your to-and-fro travel to the venue. You can do travel tie-ups with other attendees for convenience and cost savings. (The list will be circulated beforehand to all the attendees.)
5. You will need to wear comfortable white clothes throughout the retreat. At least, the top must be white. Lowers can be track pants or jeans etc.
6. Your cell phone must be on silent at all times. (You can step out to make any urgent calls.)
7. Observe complete silence in the meditation hall and maximum silence at all other times.
8. Ideally, you should be able to sit on the floor during meditation. Chairs will be available for those who can't.
9. All accommodation is on a twin-share basis.
10. Children below the age of 12 are not allowed on this retreat.

Send an email on retreat.omswami@gmail.com to be on the waitlist. We'll notify you if anyone drops out.

We'll hold it for 4 days within which you must make the payment as per the instructions below. Or, you can just pay now and reserve your spot outright. 


US$ 599

All meals included (breakfast, lunch, dinner and a tea-break).
Accommodation on a twin-share basis for 3 nights from May 13 - May 16, 2016.

Email us on retreat.omswami@gmail.com to be on the waitlist. 

Last Date of Registration

Feb 16, 2016 or 90 spots (whichever is earlier). Registration closed. Waitlist open.


Please do not make any payment unless your spot has already been confirmed by us. Registration for this retreat is now closed. You can email us to be on the waitlist.
All spots are on a first come, first served basis only.
All accommodation is on twin-share basis only. If you want a room to yourself, you will have to pay for two spots.

You can pay via Paypal using standard credit or debit card. Click on the "Buy Now" button to make the full payment now and reserve your spot.


Zen Retreat - Toronto



Once you've made the deposit to reserve your spot, you must send an email on retreat.omswami@gmail.com with the following information:
1. Your full name.
2. Gender.
3. City, State and Country of Residence.
4. Deposit Reference/Confirmation number (if any).
5. Do you understand English? (All discourses will strictly be in English only.)
6. Your contact number.
7. Any comments or special requests (like food allergies etc.).

We'll confirm your spot as soon as we receive the payment.


If we don't get a minimum of 50 participants, we may change the venue or cancel the retreat altogether. Your money will be refunded in full in that case.
If you cancel on your own by Feb 29, 2016 and someone else is willing to take your spot, you'll be given a full refund. If, however, there are no takers for your spot, we won't be able to issue any refund. We may not be able to accommodate any cancellation requests post Feb 29, 2016.
In case of any questions, email us on retreat.omswami@gmail.com.

27-Jan-2016. Retreat booked out in two days.


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