The Village Style Coffee Shop

The recently inaugurated village hut style café with an urban touch, is the latest, most delightful addition to the Ashram this winter. Inspired by the rustic beauty of Indian villages, it has been conceptualized and designed by a small team of Ashram residents and volunteers. This quaint café has been built using locally sourced, sustainable and eco-friendly materials like bamboo, grass, granite and slate stone. It is stocked with delicious snacks and a coffee, tea & soup vending machine.

A cosy space to sit back, relax, reflect and live the moment!

Snow Surprise!

The Ashram and the surrounding valleys experienced snow showers this winter on 8th Jan 2020, after several decades. It looked divine and breathtakingly beautiful, as the entire countryside was covered in a pristine white blanket of snow. All the residents witnessed the play of nature with childlike enthusiasm and great joie de vivre.