1. Where is the Ashram?

The ashram is in Himachal Pradesh, India. You can find detailed directions to the ashram here.

2. Are you open throughout the year?

The ashram is not open throughout the year because currently we have limited resources. Om Swami is not in the ashram all the time and he only meets during the days specified under the events.

3. How do I book?

Please check the timings when the ashram is open. Select the time when you would like to visit the ashram and follow the registration process under the events.

4. Can you describe the accommodation?

We have four guest rooms with attached washrooms, one big dining hall, a beautiful temple.

The ashram has a very simple and basic infrastructure so individual accommodation is not possible. You will be sharing rooms with other individuals.

5. Do I need to bring anything?

The ashram provides bedding and three vegetarian meals and evening tea.

Here is a list of things we suggest you bring with you during your stay:
Towel and toiletries
Small flashlight
Ear plugs (if needed)
Umbrella (for monsoon season as we do not have covered pathways)
Hat (for summer season and if you are taking the river route)
Adequate wool clothing (for winter season as it gets quite cold from Nov – Feb)
Appropriate slippers and shoes (for the river route and trek)

You are welcome to bring your own sheet or pillow if you are more comfortable using them. We do not recommend washing clothes in the ashram as we have more than 150 people staying in the ashram at any given day during the meet time. Washing clothes will hinder other people from using the washrooms. Please bring enough clothing for the duration of your stay.

6. Does ashram have any rules?

We do request that people are mindful while using the ashram facilities and help maintain the ashram clean at all times. We ask that you remain respectful of your fellow visitors and of your surroundings. We have a very pleasant environment here at the ashram. We would like you to have a peaceful stay where you can commune with nature and experience the bliss that prevails at the ashram.

7. How is the weather?

It gets extremely hot during the day from April to September but remains pleasant in the evenings. During the winter months from November to February, it gets very cold.

8. Do you have lockers?

We do not have lockers. We have never had any situations of theft but please only bring what you need. If you do bring your laptops or any other valuables, we suggest that you carry them with you all the time. The ashram is not responsible for any lost items.

9. How can I make donation to the ashram?

You can make online donation towards the ashram causes.

10. Who do I contact if I need more information?

You can send email to contact@omswami.com for any questions.