Fundraising for Water Purification plant and Library at Sri Badrika Ashram

 Fundraising for Water Purification plant and Library at Sri Badrika Ashram
 Fundraising for construction phase

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Sri Badrika Ashram is second home for many people who visit, come and live in the Ashram to be in presence of Om Swami and to live amidst nature in a peaceful and serene environment. It is our constant endeavor to provide safe, secure and peaceful environs to the guests, residents and devotees. In the pursuit of the above stated objective, we need your support for the two projects which are detailed in below section.

Project 1: Badrika Ashram Water Purification Plant.

Total Cost of the project – Rs.65,00,000/-

Due to the remote location of the Ashram, quality of water is a huge issue here and in the surrounding area. This often creates health problems which can only be addressed by supplying clean, drinking water. 

With your help, we created storage capacity in the Badrika Kund, which can hold about 2,00,000 litres (two hundred thousand liters) in its ground level and elevated tank together, but supply of clean drinking water remains an issue. Hence, the Ashram has decided to build a water treatment plant which will supply treated clean and drinking water to our residents and the nearby village.

This plant will have a treatment capacity of 1,00,000 liters per day (One hundred thousand liters per day) when completed. It constitutes a water collection unit in the River Giri Ganga and a water treatment plant on the Ashram grounds. There will also be two pipe lines, one will run up to the Village tank and another to the Badrika Kund in the Ashram. 

If you wish to participate in this noble cause, you can do so by donating here. For any questions regarding this project, please write to

Project 2. Library @ Sri Badrika Ashram

Total Cost of the project –  Rs.15,00,000/-

A lot of visitors to the Ashram have often expressed a wish to have a quiet place to sit down, read and reflect on the teachings by Swamiji. In response to this need of the visitors and residents, the Ashram management has taken up the project to build a library on the top of the ladies’ dormitory. This location has a panoramic view of the valley and the necessary quietude and tranquil atmosphere to read and think.

The library will have an enclosed reading room and a store room for books. A beautiful covered terrace will be attached to it with comfortable seating. This will be accessed from an independent staircase near the dormitory. The visitors will be able to borrow and return books while they are at the Ashram. The books will cover a range of topics from spiritual to fiction and non-fiction. 

If you wish to participate in the above noble cause, you can do so by donating here. For any questions regarding this project, please write to 

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