1. Aha. Aisa sukh kabhi nahi mila tha, jo swami ji ke chhatra chhaya me mila. Swami ji jab mandir me aate the to man khil uthata tha, aur jab chale jate the to bas kab phir darshan hoge swami ji ke, man unki baat niharta tha. Na jane kaun sa karma accha kiya tha ki swami ji aap mere jindgi me aaye, nahi to jeevan jine me maja nahi aa raha tha. Vo madhur muskaan, mithi bate aur prem bhare najare dil ko chhoo jata hai. O Swami Ji, Please be always my swami. If there is heaven then it is one of the place.

  2. I am searching Swamiji Guruji for touching his feet who save me from Cancer and I saw a lovely picture .Thanks to all Private.

  3. Namaste Swamiji.

    Read the book ” If Truth be Told” and is deeply moved by reading it. I want to seek your darshan in person and would like to come to your ashram. May Mother Divine help me in this. Regards

  4. hamara bhagya hai ki ap jaise sant ke vichar hane sunane ko mile

  5. I had a query, it’s amazing how you have accompalished this spiritual path in this worldly world at such a young age , what if few generation later , you get the status of idol worship , what if your statues are being sold to put in people’s home temple , like Buddha etc , all the spiritual teachers from past ,does that bother u , what if there is another religion in your name , doesn’t it all start this way, I apologize if my question is unusual or rude for some of your follower

  6. Swami Ji I was dying to visit Ashram on your Birrhday but my father is very ill and was in CCU Max Chd. Swami Ji please grant my wish to have your Darshans in December . I love the Ashram and my entire extended family there and inexplicible bliss of Swami Ji’s Divine presence and awesome discourses. Love you Swami. Ji. Miss you a lot🙏. And awesome pics of the temple and amazing pics of Swami Ji. Just love them. Thanks for the post.

  7. Love to meet Swamiji to seek his blessings. I don’t know when time permits me.

    Daily morning and night I remember his words from his books.

    Wish to see soon.

  8. Love to see Swamiji to seek his blessings. Daily morning and night I remember his words.

    Wish to see soon.

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