Took my breath away to see such divine pictures of our Sri Hari & of our Swamiji 🙏🏽🕉

  2. Blessed Blessed Blessed to witness here , his divine grace and guru ma and Hari ji
    Thank you for being there for us.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these divine photos. We feel so blessed to have darshan of Shree Hari and beloved Swamiji. Jai Shree Hari

  4. I am thankful to be born in this country and in this era where i am able to see shri hari and om swami sir.❤️

  5. l was transported to the Garbh grih ‼️Felt as if l am also doing the abhishekam along with Swamiji ✨🙏 Life like experience through pics..much gratitude for giving the soul soothing shower 😌😊

  6. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures. Really wish we could have been there.

    Thank you Swamiji. For everything.

  7. Such a beautiful site to see swamiji doing this Abhishekam.. Awestruck with Sri Hari’s such a swaroop.. Wish to see this..
    Prabhu ki jai ho

  8. I had never imagined this type of form, where shri hari ,devi maa and shiv ji all in one form..tysm Swamiji for sharing these pics…it is amazing . I have found my all deity in one form now…by your grace. Tysm.

  9. These images are so powerful. In “Paap Prasaman Stotra” it says jin Sri Hari kai swapn mai bhi dikh jane sai samast papo Ka kshya hota hai, these images actually take your mind to a serene and desire free state of mind.
    Jai Baba Hariharnath /\

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