The Ashram is involved in a number of social causes for the local villagers, most of whom remain below the poverty line. Sirmaur district, where the Ashram is located is considered to be the most backward in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The Ashram’s mission is to enhance and work for the social and economic development of the local area. Every winter, blankets and other warm clothing are distributed amongst them. After a wave of interest from a number of devotees who wish to contribute to their well being, we have initiated the following programs

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Gaushala – Cowshed

The Gaushala in the Ashram was inaugurated by Swamiji in 2015. His vision is to protect the Indian cow and increase the number at the Ashram considerably. Currently, there are more than 20 cows and calves, which require constant care and nourishment. The right fodder and medicines makes all the difference to their health and upkeep. If you wish to participate in the monthly upkeep of cows, please write to


Dispensary – Sri Hari Chikitsa Kendra

Ashram has a small full-fledged dispensary where we provide free medical consultation and some basic medication to the villagers. There are no health facilities nearby. The closest hospital is in Solan which is roughly forty kilometers away. Currently, some doctors have volunteered to travel all the way to the Ashram from Solan once a week. Going forward, we would like to grow this so we can offer free healthcare to all the villagers most of whom live below the poverty line. You can make a one off or monthly contribution to participate in this cause. Over time, we plan to offer more medical facilities and hold regular medical camps. If you have any questions about it, you can contact Ma Shamata Om on


Silai Kendra – Stitching Centre

Our goal to empower local women and create a sustainable livelihood for them is through starting a stitching centre where they can learn to how to stitch clothes. The purpose of the stitching centre is to provide the women with valuable skills and knowledge so they may have an opportunity to earn income and be financially independent. Alongwith their learning activity, they are also executing small projects wherein they are making a simple line of clothing for men and women. If you wish to support them for procuring cloth and trimmings or through projects, please write to



On every ekadashi (eleventh day of the lunar calendar), we do abhishekam in the morning with Vishnu Sahasranama. On every purnima (full moon night) and amavasya (new moon night), abhishekam is done in the evening with Lalita Sahasranama. In addition, abhishekam is done on all Navratras and major festivals.


General Corpus

If you wish to contribute to a general corpus fund so your donation may be used for any purpose where we may require it the most, you can do that as well.

Donate Book

A lot of visitors have often expressed a wish to have a quiet place to sit down, read and reflect in the peaceful environs of the Ashram. In response to this need of the visitors and residents, we have come up with a beautiful library room. This location has a panoramic view of the valley and the necessary quietude and tranquil atmosphere to read and reflect and spend some ‘me-time’.
The library has an enclosed reading room and a store room for books. A beautiful covered terrace is attached to it with comfortable seating. You can borrow and return books while you are at the Ashram. The books cover a range of topics from spiritual to fiction and non-fiction.


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