In keeping with resourcefulness and compelling commitment to conserve the environment, Sri Badrika Ashram is now near self-reliant on a renewable and readily available source –Solar Energy.

Life in the ashram has changed since the installation of the Rooftop Solar Power Grid. As part of its CSR initiative, The New India Assurance Company Ltd, Mumbai, gave a substantial grant that enabled the installation of 400 solar panels on the roof of the ashram buildings. As a result, we currently generate about 100KW of power, equivalent to 120,000 units per month. The capital outlay for this project is huge, and the system will pay back for itself within a period of 5-7 years.

The system meets the current electricity needs of the ashram and produces a surplus, which is then automatically routed to the main power grid of the state. This process, monitored by a metering system, records both the consumption and the power contributed to the state electricity department. The difference is billed to the ashram, creating a win-win situation for the ashram and the state of Himachal Pradesh.