“The only way to expand your existence is by giving”.

~ Om Swami

In early May, the Sri Badrika Ashram administration reached out to the government-run, Rajendra Hospital, at Patiala, with an offer to help meet the shortage of masks in the face of Covid-19. Seamstresses from Dudham and Kotla Barog villages stitched 450 triple-layer masks especially for the doctors and frontline workers within a short period of 10 days. Designed by the devotee in charge of the Silai Kendra, these COVID compliant masks are comfortable, breathable and washable/reusable. The masks were packed and delivered to the hospital on May 27.

Making the masks requires both skill and patience, and it also gave the women something useful to focus on, a sense of purpose as they sat at their sewing machines. The Ashram is proud of the impressive contribution made by its new entrepreneurs at the Silai Kendra who willingly came forward, stood up in solidarity and contributed meaningfully to the frontline workers at the Rajendra Hospital.

The hospital handed out the masks at a small function attended by senior officials from Punjab government including Mr O P Soni (Punjab Cabinet Minister of Medical Education and Research), Mr Sanjeev Bittu (Mayor, Patiala) and dignitaries like Smt Preneet Kaur. A devotee, who is also a doctor at the hospital, gave a small introduction to everyone present on Swamiji, his selfless service to society and the Black Lotus app. The colorful masks were distributed to everyone present at the function but primarily to the hospital’s doctors and staff. At the end, everyone praised Swamiji and expressed their gratitude for His blessings.

Social initiatives run by the Sri Badrika Ashram are seeds planted for a better future and help bolster faith and aid a closer relationship with the Divine.