In the serene embrace of Sri Badrika Ashram, the Women’s Liberation Group (WLG), a brainchild of Sadhvi Vrinda Om, brought together 74 women from various backgrounds for a memorable symposium of deep connection, marking a historic first for the ashram. WLG is a group run by the women, for the women, on Wildr. In Sadhviji’s words “To give and receive hope on days where there is none, and to share our joys and cheers when His grace rains unabated.”

This was a confluence of hearts and minds under the benevolent gaze of Sri Hari, where age and geography dissolved into the background, leaving only the essence of unity and shared purpose. We met not as strangers but as long-lost friends thanks to Wildr and our virtual meetups.

From the outset, the air was electric with anticipation and joy. The event unfolded like a lotus of countless petals, each layer revealing a new surprise that drew us deeper into a collective experience of wonder and enlightenment. Among the treasures were personalized goody bags that rekindled the delight of childhood discoveries and sessions that ranged from the enlightening to the sublime, crafting a mosaic of learning and connection.

A telling moment of our journey together was the mindfulness session, which brought us into a profound silence, savouring oranges with a meditative focus. This session was a reminder of the power of mindful presence, a gift we unwrapped together in the sacred space of the ashram. No small feat for 74 women!

The festival of Holi painted our gathering in vibrant hues, a celebration of joy and devotion. It was a moment of unbridled happiness, where colours blended to create a vivid tapestry of human connection, echoing the essence of the journey of self-discovery.

The Wildr session bridged our digital camaraderie into the physical realm, offering insights into the platform that had initially united us. It was a testament to the power of virtual spaces in fostering real-world communities, enriched by a dialogue with the creators who shared their vision and hopes for our collective journey forward.

Yet, the zenith of our meet was graced by Swamiji’s enlightening discourse, a beacon of wisdom that illuminated our path towards inner liberation and self-reliance. His words, steeped in love and compassion, urged us to find strength and contentment within ourselves. “ One takeaway message is to perhaps not neglect your own existence. You do not always need someone else to make you feel complete. Give yourself a chance. Live your share of life. That is going to transform you beyond imagination.”

The privilege of capturing this moment with Swamiji, holding his latest publication, The Legend of the Goddess, was a profound honour, encapsulating the essence of our gathering in a frame of timeless memory.

As the curtains drew on this remarkable assembly, the glow of a campfire under the starlit sky brought us together for a cultural soirée, a celebration of our talents, dreams, and the indelible bonds forged. Sadhviji’s closing message, imbued with hope and gratitude, was a poignant reminder of the journey we had embarked on together, under the watchful eyes of Sri Hari and the guiding light of Swamiji.

This conclave was not just an event; it was a pilgrimage of the heart, where every laugh shared, every tear shed, and every moment of silence held was a step closer to understanding the true essence of liberation and togetherness. As we parted ways, we carried with us the light of knowledge, and a heart full of gratitude, forever transformed by the magic of the WLG Meet 2024.

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