मृ॒डा नो॑ रुद्रो॒त नो॒ मय॑स्कृधि
क्ष॒यद्वी॑राय॒ नम॑सा विधेम ते ।
यच्छं च॒ योश्च॒ मनु॑राय॒जे
पि॒ता तद॑श्याम॒ तव॑ रुद्र॒ प्रणी॑तौ ।

O Lord Rudra! Confer on us happiness in this world and the next. Thee who hast destroyed our sins, we shall serve and worship by our salutations. We shall taste that freedom from sorrow which Manu, our progenitor, sought and the happiness he obtained if Thou art inclined and gracious unto us.

Over 300 devotees descended at the serene oasis, Sri Badrika Ashram, to celebrate the auspicious MahaShivratri, the divine union of the Mahayogi Shiva and Maa Parvati. The temple was filled with His devotees dressed beautifully and elegantly to welcome this heavenly union of Shiva and His Shakti.

A crescendo of anticipation reverberated across the temple as devotees awaited the arrival of our beloved Swamiji. At 6:30 pm our kind and ever-smiling Swamiji arrived in the temple, dressed in His iconic black robes, and kicked off the grand wedding celebrations.

The abhishekam was done to the symphonic feast of Sri Rudram and Chamakam performed by the virtuoso duo Prasad Parasuraman and Keertan Mani Prasad which left the devotees spellbound. Soon Bhagavan Mahadev was covered in bhasma (ash), kum kum (vermilion), haldi (turmeric powder), and numerous Rudraksha malas.

After the mesmerizing abhishekam and the divine arti, Swamiji had yet another priceless keepsake for HIS ganas. His newly written book – The Legend of The Goddess. In His own words:

“This book is very close to my heart. The reason it’s close to my heart is because it is the truth and it is the absolute truth. It’s my little offering at the feet of Divine Mother, at the feet of our dharma, at the feet of every single sincere seeker on this planet who will do this sadhana”.

What followed was a beautiful reading of two chapters by Swamiji from His glorious book. The festivities of the evening were brought to a close and our Swamiji, our Mahadev, and our Shakti Herself walked out of a silent, grateful, and reverent temple.

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