Sewing New Dreams: Silai Kendra

In keeping with its mission to empower local women, Sri Badrika Ashram started two more Silai Kendras (Vocational Centre for imparting practical skills in Cutting & Tailoring) early this year, in the adjoining villages of Dudham (on March 12, 2019) and Kotla Barog (on July 16, 2019). Both were equipped with sewing machines and related supplies. In spite of being located in difficult terrain, the Dudham and the Kotla Barog centre registered admissions of 13 and 19 women respectively.

A former student at the Ashram Silai Kendra was hired as a teacher at the Kotla Barog centre. Designed by a resident devotee and supported by a local teacher, the six-month training program imparts theoretical and practical vocational training in drafting, cutting, and sewing. Post the training, there is a plan in place to market their products. This financial empowerment is bringing self-esteem and a sense of independence in the lives of these simple women.

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Van Mahotsav – ‘Ek Prayas’: Plantation Drive

The second edition of an annual plantation drive was undertaken by Sri Badrika Ashram on July 20, 2019, on the banks of the river Giri Ganga.

The ‘Caring for Nature’ initiative was generously supported by the District Forest Officer of Sirmour, Rajgarh, Himachal Pradesh. Residents of the Ashram and visiting devotees undertook the arduous task of planting 300 saplings of four varieties – Arjun,wild Pomegranate, Amla (Indian Gooseberry), and Sheesham (Indian rosewood).

This event embodied and lived the vision of the Ashram to protect and promote local flora and will contribute to immediate and long-term ecosystem benefits.

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Independence Day

A pioneering outreach and celebratory program was undertaken for the Primary Government School students on the 14th of August. Tucked away in the nearby village Shalamu, this small school with basic facilities is run by Mr Devender Singh, who is also the only teacher. The idea to make Independence Day a memorable event for the 26 students at the school was a success. It provided them with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the national festival

While the national flag was being hoisted, the entire place reverberated with the beautiful strains of the Indian National Anthem sung by the young jubilant voices. In order to sensitize the little minds to the values of freedom and the struggle that our freedom fighters went through, a drawing and colouring competition was organized. Splendid works of art were created and students were presented with goodie bags filled with stationery items and snacks. The celebration made Independence Day a memorable event for these youngsters. The Ashram residents, who accompanied the team, were overwhelmed to witness the innocence of the students and their sincere efforts to participate in the event.

Health and Rural Welfare

A free health camp was recently organised by Sri Badrika Ashram for the welfare of the villagers who are an essential extension of the Ashram family.

These remote villages have minuscule populations and lack the necessary infrastructure and amenities. The nearest organised hospital is more than 40 km, that is at least two hours, away. Realising that essential medical attention and facilities are a critical necessity in this region, the Ashram took up an initiative that provides health services and an environment whereby the whole community is sensitised about health issues. This helps the villagers to get a better quality of life. The camps typically create awareness, identify the patient’s problem and, when required, help them get affordable further treatment.

The camp conducted in the quaint, simple village of Dudham located in Rajgarh Tehsil of Sirmaur district in Himachal Pradesh on 17th November 2019 covered dental, eye and general health. A team of five devotee doctors and volunteers included a specialist ophthalmologist team under Dr Grover and a dental team under Dr Sharma who came in specially from Solan. Awareness of female hygiene and children’s health was a significant focus area.

With a turnout of 112 villagers from the five villages around, more than 300 consults were provided across board and screening was performed for ailments like hypertension, malnutrition, skin and respiratory allergies, cataract and dental health. Medical cards were issued to record patient history for future follow-ups, and free medicines and spectacles were provided wherever needed. Referrals for dental and eye-related issues like cataract surgeries were given to clinics in Solan where Ashram goodwill would help them get quality treatment at affordable costs.

It was very encouraging to see enthusiastic and smiling villagers along with their families, visit the camp and get their check-ups done. They were provided with some refreshments as well. The villagers were grateful and appreciative of the facilities, care and attention extended to them at the camp.

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November 17th, 2019