Sri Hari Chikitsa Kendra, at the Sri Badrika Ashram works relentlessly to support and provide preventive and remedial medical care to the vulnerable rural communities residing in the vicinity. During the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown, the Ashram staff, its dispensary the Sri Hari Chikitsa Kendra, and its first resident medical doctor, Dr Geeta Om Baro, who joined in February 2020, have been on their toes. Over the last six months, she has done over 2000 consultations and dealt with myriad problems like nutritional deficiencies, respiratory diseases, infections, allergies, musculoskeletal and gynaecological disorders, diseases of the eye and ENT, etc.

Vaikuntha spoke to her regarding the emergency home visits that she undertakes as part of the Ashram’s health-care outreach. One notable incident was when she had to cross the Giri Ganga to attend to a patient in Kotla Barog at night. The water was waist-high, and the two young Ashram residents who accompanied her carried the medical supplies and ensured her safety. A cow had attacked the patient, and though the injury was grave, the timely intervention eliminated hospitalisation.

Responding to our question on her learnings, she said, “Having always worked as part of a trained team, I have learnt to switch roles, performing those of both a doctor and nurse, especially in an emergency. What I have gained most is, however, increased confidence and discipline.”

This is Dr Geeta’s message for all Vaikuntha readers: “Many from my fraternity are working with COVID-19 patients. Their lives are stress-filled. One way we can be kind towards frontline workers is by being responsible for our health and easing their burden. Please stay safe.”