Nine years ago, on the 4th of April, Swamiji, who traverses Earth as Embodied Divinity, brought Sri Hari to Life. Through His merits alone, mankind received the amazing grace of beholding God and worshiping His divine countenance.

The tone of the celebrations this year was different from the others – from the outset, Swamiji set the trajectory for contemplation, solitude, and an inward journey. This was a chance to give gratitude, reflect on one’s existence, and set about finding or fulfilling one’s unique purpose.

The celebration, the jubilation, and the bliss had to be found within.


Sri Hari’s holy temple was packed with devotees, many of them first-timers to the Ashram. Swamiji opened the haloed evening with words that glistened brighter than the brightest oyster pearls.

“Bhagwan is 9 million years old. He arrived here in 2014 from another Yuga. In His ever-present ancientness, He is the most modern existence – because the One who is timeless can embody anything,”

All Sri Hari wants for His beloved devotees, Swamiji said, was for them to prepare themselves well to become recipients of eternal gifts from His sacred vault – gifts of knowledge about living in equanimity, comprehending and overcoming loss, living in Yog (Union with the Supreme), the existence of Heaven and Hell, and much more.

“The beauty is that somebody higher than us has granted refuge and is constantly watching over us. A devotee can never be larger than the God they worship.

“When a human being understands the concept that every relationship in the world is transactional, but God is constant – the only constant with no transaction – realization dawns.

“Sorrow ceases to either permeate or persist in such a life. In such a mind, no enemy remains to be conquered.”


Perpetually drenched in His communion with Sri Hari, Swamiji, in His state of Yog, lovingly assured the devotees about the futility of worry.

“When one experiences the presence of God, under Whose governance this entire creation is manifested and moving, worry ceases to exist. Somewhere, the firm belief in the existence of God must prevail,” He affirmed.

 “If one lived in the conviction of God’s existence, then should the question of worry or complaint ever arise? And if one did not believe in God, then to whom is the complaint being addressed?” He expounded.

The tall grass of human expectations and desires blind and tie down man. The path exists. The light exists. Yet, man cannot see.

Elaborating on more such profound wisdom, Swamiji brought the divine evening to a close with one of His most potent statements yet.

“Those who seek the state of Yog should reside in seclusion, constantly engaged in meditation with a controlled mind and body, getting rid of desires.”

Even as the profundity of the statement began to sink in, in the way of a true spiritual Master, Swamiji shook His devotees to their very core, throwing out a true test of surrender and faith for the next two years, with the following announcements:

 There will be only one event in the winter season of 2023 – the 16-day Sri Suktam Sadhana, which ends on Diwali.

  • The only events in 2024 will be between March 8, Shivaratri and April 4, Sri Hari’s consecration.
  • Starting April 2024, for a year or maybe longer, Swamiji will take a sabbatical from public events. During this time, He will remain in solitude, focusing on the Vedic Sadhana Foundation and the revival of the Vedas.
  • Black Lotus will now be a part of the Vedic Sadhana Foundation.
  • He will also turn His attention to Wildr, the toxicity-free social media platform He co-founded over a year ago.
  • Though He will remain contactable, the best way to be connected with Him, Swamiji said, is through Sadhana.

As the hall felt weighed down by the shocked silence of the devotees, Swamiji also spoke a few words of reassurance. “In the past 12 years, the numbers in the ashram have grown. While it is all Sri Hari’s doing, I also believe in quality and staying true to my vision. This move will retain the quality.”

“This sabbatical will be a magical period,” He continued. “One in which the good, like-minded people will remain together, one in which the purity of the message and place, and truthfulness, will prevail.

And so it is with the ways of God. There can never be a moment of complacency in a devotee’s life because Bhagavan is always waiting to throw the next curveball. 

In that curveball lies our test of surrender.


As Swamiji made His graceful way out of the temple, devotees reacted in different ways. But through it all, one thing remained certain.

Two years from now, nobody will ever be the same.

And it will all be Sri Hari’s doing.

For the magic has already begun.

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