Terms And Conditions


All Guests must read carefully and accept the terms and conditions mentioned below. Alternatively, any booking for visiting or staying at Sri Badrika Ashram during an event or otherwise will be deemed as an acceptance of the following terms, conditions and disclaimers.

Ashram Location

  • Sri Badrika Ashram is located in a remote hilly area on the banks of the River Giri Ganga in District Sirmaur, Himachal Pradesh, India.
  • Presently there is no concrete road leading up to the Ashram. Guests will have to cover a distance of around 11 kilometres on unpaved / kuccha road.

Travel Arrangements

  • All guests have to make their travel arrangement to and from the Ashram.
  • All guests are required to provide relevant documentation and/or deposit for the duration of stay at the Ashram Reception.
  • Before leaving the Ashram premises or at the time of departure all guests must formally inform the Ashram Reception and clear any pending dues, if applicable.

Booking Accommodation

  • The Ashram is open to guests only during events. The event schedule is posted on the Ashram website- www.omswami.org. Formal registration and/or prior permission must be sought before travelling to the Ashram to be a part of these events.
  • Guests below 18 years of age shall not be permitted to visit the Ashram unless accompanied by an adult.
  • Guests are allowed to stay in the Ashram only for the pre-booked period. This period may be extended only with prior permission from the Ashram Authorities. In a scenario where the extension is granted, the guest may be requested to move to different accommodation. This is as per availability.
  • The right of admission/permission to visit/stay at the Ashram is reserved and solely at the discretion of the Ashram Authorities.
  • The Ashram Authorities hold the right to revoke permission to stay at the Ashram without stating any reason.



  • Rooms at the Ashram are available only on a sharing basis.
  • Men and women of the same family should pack separately as separate accommodation may be allocated to them. The Ashram working committee reserves the right to assign rooms to the guests at their discretion.
  • In the ashram rooms, only bedding and quilts are available. Guests must carry their towels and toiletries.


  • Only basic medical facilities (such as a First Aid Kit) are available at the Ashram, and there are no emergency medical facilities at all. The nearest hospital is at a distance of 25kms from the Ashram. All guests are advised to carry their regular and emergency medicines.
  • The Ashram Authorities will not be liable for any injury, loss, harm or death that occurs due to the absence of medical facilities at the Ashram.


  • Only basic ‘Sattvic’ meals are available at the Ashram.


  • It is not recommended to arrive at or depart from the Ashram in the evening, at night or early mornings.
    • Note: There are many hotels in Chandigarh, Kalka and Solan which provide overnight accommodation. Management recommends that guests may stop over at these locations.
    • They must try to reach the Ashram during the daytime (9 am to 5 pm).
  • Guests are advised to take care of their personal belongings during their stay at the Ashram.
  • The weather at the Ashram changes very often. Guest must carry appropriate winter clothing to protect themselves from the change in the weather conditions. It is advisable to check the maximum and minimum temperature before the visit.
  • Guests are requested to understand that most of the work undertaken at the Ashram is by the devotees with varying experience. They have volunteered to offer sewa as part of their spiritual discipline. We appreciate your understanding and patience in the operational activities.
  • Guests are expected to maintain discipline, peace and silence during their stay at the Ashram. The ashram is not a place for picnic, vacation or excursions. All guests are expected to be mindful of this and must behave appropriately.
  • Guests are expected to act responsibly and take care of their safety during their stay at the Ashram. The Ashram Authorities will not be responsible for any injury, loss or harm to any guest during their stay at the Ashram.
  • If you are bringing a minor as an additional guest, you are responsible for the supervision of that minor throughout your stay at the Ashram.
  • Guests must agree that the Ashram Authorities will not be liable for any claims that arise in any way from any injury, loss, harm or death of that minor during their stay at the Ashram or in any way related to their visit.

Prohibited Activities

  • Guests are not allowed to go to the river bank for bathing, camping etc.
  • Consumption of liquor, drugs, narcotics and smoking in the Ashram premises is strictly prohibited.
  • The area beyond the First floor of Badrika Kund building is prohibited, Guests are requested to abide by it.
  • Photography, audio or video recording of events in the Ashram is prohibited.
  • Guests should refrain from providing food or any eatables to cows in the Gaushala unless they have prior permission from the respective authorities.
  • All guests (both men and women) are advised to dress modestly. As shorts, sleeveless shirts, or other revealing clothes are prohibited in the Ashram premises.
  • Guests are requested not to visit the areas where construction work is in progress.
  • Please know that Information about foreign nationals/NRI/PIO’s staying at the Ashram may be shared with concerned authorities/police etc., where necessary or is required by law. Accordingly, guests are required to carry their original passport and travel documents with them.
  • The Ashram Authorities consider that the information/documents provided by the guests at the time of bookings or arrival at the Ashram are true and correct. If at any point these documents are found to be incorrect, the Ashram Authorities are liable to take any action against them.

Please Note

  • The word Guests has been used to refer to
  • a) devotees who have been frequent visitors to the Ashram,
  • b) visitors who have never been to the Ashram or
  • c) anyone taking part in activities at the Ashram and/or using the facilities at the Ashram which may or may not be limited to residing in the Ashram premises.

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