“When the roots are deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.”

There are times when we feel like superheroes, whizzing across the city on a mission to save the day. Then there are days when we feel like we are the ones that need saving. Growing up comes with a unique set of challenges, especially in a world that changes faster than one could say yikes, where our attention spans are shrinking to the size of a tweet and the pressure to be perfect increases with every social media post.

How, then, can one ensure that no matter the storms, we keep the batteries of our superpowers charged? Is there a way to unlock our inner invincibility?

Enter Zenrich.

The second series of Zenrich’s Invisible to Invincible sessions took Gen Z on a thrilling adventure through insightful stories drawn from the rich traditions of Sanatana Dharma. The six engaging sessions led the participants on a journey of self-discovery, helping them connect with their roots while also preparing them to take a flight towards their dreams. 

Sadhvi Vrinda Om kicked off the first session with the story of the courageous and wise Raja Bhoj, whose wisdom and equanimity helped him face the direst circumstances. Through the beautiful narration of this story, Sadhvi Vrinda Om highlighted the importance of knowledge and how it can help one to get out of the trickiest of situations. 
In the next session, Sadhvi Nishtha Om shared the story of Narada and how Lord Vishnu taught him a lesson in humility. A lapse of mindfulness can have unsavoury results, such as receiving a bad grade on a test you forgot to revise for, or like Narada, one might even end up with a monkey face! Through the tale, Sadhvi Nishtha Om encouraged the participants to imbibe humility in their lives by practising mindfulness at all times

Humility, when coupled with devotion, can yield incredible results. Sadhvi Vrinda Om drenched the young participants in waves of devotion through her mesmerising retelling of the story of the coolest kid in Vrindavan – Lord Krishna. He held the massive Gowardhan mountain on the tip of his pinky finger, all without breaking a sweat. Sadhvi Vrinda Om encouraged the students to always maintain a connection with Bhagwan, the greatest of all superheroes, and inspired them to use their knowledge to help others. 

Inner peace is a natural by-product of surrender. A child feels secure in his mother’s arms because he knows that she’ll protect him. ” – Om Swami 



Sadhvi Nishtha Om echoed these words in the fourth session through the story of Bhakt Prahlad. His ardent devotion to Lord Narayana protected him from every difficult situation and emphasised the message that goodness is a choice. 


The fifth session was specially organised for the parents of the superheroes! Mrs Kamala Menon, educator at Mirambika Free Progress School, put forward the principles that every adult should keep in mind while dealing with children – trust, faith, compassion, and creative interaction. She challenged the mindset that adults need to teach children and affirmed what every child has always known to be true – There is a lot that adults can learn from children too! 


In the sixth and final session, Kabir Punde, founder of Studio Grit, joined in as the special guest. He shared his journey to becoming a game developer and starting his own game studio. He gave the participants a glimpse of the fascinating world of virtual reality. Kabir encouraged the participants to chase their dreams and gave them an important nugget of wisdom – explore and experiment with different fields, and once you find your calling, make sure to give it your all. 

Gen Z is brilliant, no cap. All that they need is a nudge in the right direction. With Zenrich, the participants took a flight on the wings of wisdom and embarked on a journey to find the invincibility that lies within each one of them. With the successful completion of the second season of Invisible to Invincible, Zenrich continues its journey to empower, enrich, and engage!