Adolescence and teen years for our technologically empowered Gen Z can be a challenging time for them and their parents. This is a major transition period in their lives and a crucial time in their development. They are vulnerable. They are starting to seek their identity – their sense of themselves. Life is thrown off-balance because of the physical, mental and emotional changes they are experiencing. In addition to this, they now have to deal with the uncertainty and fear due to the current Covid-19 situation.

Bumps, No Boulders

Mention being a parent of this age-group and other adults see images of bedrooms, in which lost homework assignments share floor space with potato chip wrappers and grubby sweatpants. But a parent’s concerns are deeper. They worry about the problems Gen Z face: rocky emotions, rebellion, peer pressure, low motivation, drugs, alcohol, and teen pregnancies.

It’s true that this age-group can be frustrating, challenging, and can test a parent’s patience. Yet this same generation can be funny, curious, imaginative, and eager to learn. As research confirms, most of Gen Z runs into bumps, but no boulders.

The Journey

The journey through these years is easier when parents, families, and caregivers give them support and guidance.

Let the Zenrich Facilitators walk with you to help them grow into successful adults, create meaningful relationships and become good citizens.


The Zenrich Mission

Our mission (Zen+enrich) is to create a unique online community, guided by Facilitators, where children can express and discuss their concerns in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

  • Make an impact and build self-esteem and confidence.
  • Discover their strengths and weaknesses to foster their own growth
  • Help them become self-reliant



Sadhvi Vrinda Om

A graduate from Sophia college, Ajmer and an MBA, she briefly worked for Thomas Cook before the writing bug bit her and she took to full time writing. Her works have been published by publishers like Penguin, Jaico and Harper Collins. She also happens to be an award-winning poet. In her words, “Poetry lets me express the inexpressible”.

Her non-fiction books like the ‘Book of Faith’ and ‘A Prayer that Never Fails’, have been hailed ‘transformational’ by many readers. Her sole purpose in life is to help others find the inner peace that she has and guide them to the best of her ability.

Sadhvi Nishtha Om

She is a well-known psychotherapist and motivational counsellor from Delhi. To efficiently connect with people, she pursued credit courses in Psychology and Adolescent & Young Adult Development from Harvard University in 2008. She also has a Masters in Clinical Psychology from Delhi University and later actively worked as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist with children, adolescents and adults.

She has been passionately working with children and facilitating group activities, summer camps and motivational workshops since many years. She loves helping adolescents and teens, and believes that when they learn Life Skills at a young age it benefits and stays with them for the rest of their life.

Our facilitators have been conducting Self Awareness Youth Camps since 2018 under the guidance of Om Swami.




The workshops were lively, cheerful and fun – this made the topics interesting. The facilitators were amazing. – Aditi Suresh

It has given me a hopeful path to overcome anger, stress, be happy and practice good speech and conduct. – Bhavita Vashishta

At the end, I can honestly tell myself that I am better emotionally and spiritually. – Hemanya Vashishta

I really loved the videos that went along with every topic, as visual representation made the subject very easy to understand. – Viraat Arora

I have learnt how to be stress-free, be happy and control my anger – Sejal

I loved the topics that were discussed. – Aaditya